Monday, September 26, 2005----

Show your geekness

Who says you can't be a geek?

That's what I asked myself when I opened up Opera (my web browser, of course) and typed in Man that site has a lot of little gadgets and unseen stuff; particularly the T-shirts. One may wonder how someone can gather all these goodies (if you can call 'em things :O) in one site! The greatness of the Internet.

Anyways, that site is great. Flashlight you say? Yeah they have a couple of no-need-for-pricy-batteries flashlights; they don't need batteries. That Forever Flashlight Dynamo looks rather neat if you think like me.

I was about to buy that binary clock for $26 CDN* but damn shipping costs $20!

* I'm Canadian. Don't ask again! You've been warned**.
** Now there's absolutely no excuse!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:36 p.m.  
Anonymous Prometheus said...

CANADA r00lz!

6:41 p.m.  
Blogger AresXP said...

anonymous I don't know why you're giving me a site like that but I guess I'll leave your comment there for the sake of the site.

6:59 p.m.  

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